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Locally distilled ‘031’ vodka or gin can be substituted in any of these cocktails  R25


Tom Collins  R60

A long refreshing sour made of vodka or gin, lemon juice sugar and soda

Moscow Mule  R60

Vodka, fresh lime and ginger beer

Classic martini  R45

Choice of vodka or gin with olives or a lemon twist

Espresso martini  R60

Vodka, coffee and ‘031’ coffee liqueur

Manhattan  R60

Bourbon, martini rosso and bitters

Negroni  R60

A short, Italian bitter made with Campari, gin and martini Rosso

White Russian  R60

The adult choice for an after supper sticky. It is made with vodka, ‘031’ coffee liqueur and cream and freshly grated nutmeg



We have the usual spirits but also a keep a range of the following premium spirits; excellent examples of their genre.

031 Distillery (Durban)

Cachaça  R30/shot

Vodka  R30/shot

Gin  R30/shot

Coffee liqueur  R30/shot


Fresh seasonal squeezes  R30

Ask your waiter about available flavours


The Glenwood Restaurant - 113 Brand Road, Glenwood, Durban - 082 617 9768

Trading Hours

Wed - Fri Lunch 12-3pm
Wed - Sat Dinner 6-9pm

Sat & Sun Lunch 12-3pm

Glenwood restaurant, restaurant, durban, glenwood
Glenwood restaurant, restaurant, durban, glenwood